Thursday, May 28, 2009

Song Du Jour

Markus has been taking the laptop on his trips lately and since he is usually gone 6 days a week I haven't had much time to download new music. And the last time I plugged my iPod into the laptop it somehow wiped out all of my music that wasn't purchased through iTunes so I have had the same few albums on heavy rotation lately and am desperatly looking forward to downloading new music.

My song du jour is Your Rocky Spine by the Great Lake Swimmers. I have been listening to their album almost every morning. Have a listen below.

What's in heavy rotation on your music machine? Please share, I love finding new music!


  1. You should check out Tarja Turunen live.........

  2. I've been so immersed in audio books during my commute, I can't remember the last time I played, that's a little scary. I've been wanting to download U2s new album, which I'm sure I'd listen to non-stop. - Miira