Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm In Love

I have been lusting over a rug from Pottery Barn for almost a year now. It first graced the front cover of their magazine almost a year ago with a very hefty price tag so I filed it away in my brain as something I would acquire later in life. You know, when we win the lottery and have perfectly trained dogs and children. I couldn't imagine spending that much money on something that the dogs might use as a fire hydrant. You never know with those two, Meeko especially. I think it's his way of telling us we aren't paying enough attention to him or we would have seen him eyeing the back door.

Anyway, I was in our local Pottery Barn this weekend exchanging some frames when I decided to browse through the rugs just to see what they had. The rug that I have been lusting after is no longer listed on their web site so I assumed it was sold out. I even searched EBay to see how much they were selling for and it was still out of my price range. Can you imagine my delight when The Rug was on SALE at MY local Pottery Barn. I quickly ran to the counter to see if they had the size and color that I wanted. They did not. However they did have another color in my size. I had to think about it because that color totally threw off my plan for our dining room. I had envisioned it in light greens/greys/blues with accents of brushed stainless steel and dark wood. The color of the rug in stock is called clementine and does not go well with greens/greys/blues. But after thinking about it I decided I had to have the rug and I could change my design. So I called over my interior designer (also known as my bff, Christina) and her 11 month old son, Christian (also known as Mr. Bubs or Bubby) for a consultation to discuss fabric options for drapes, chair covers, and lighting. We came up with a good plan. Now I just need to find the right fabric. Bubby gave his seal of approval saying it was very comfy for crawling around on and the pattern was entertaining to look at.

Do you want to see what the rug looks like?

Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm a decoraholic. Admitting you have a problem is the first step.


  1. I love it, but it sure does let go of a lot of orange (excuse me, clementine) fuzz when vacuumed!! -- Mama