Monday, December 13, 2010

The beginning

Week Four - 10/3/10

{I wrote this to Baby H the weekend we found out we were pregnant.  I wanted to capture what I was feeling so that I could remember that magical feeling forever}

Dear baby,

I can't believe you are finally happening.  I have been dreaming about you for what feels like my whole life.  I am not a patient person but I knew this was something I had to wait for.  I had to be ready, your dad had to be ready, and our life together had to be ready.  Even though I know you are never really ready for something this big, I am ready.

I knew you were with me even before you could tell me.  You made me very tired just 1 week after we made you.  5 days after that first feeling I came home and confirmed it with a pregnancy test, even though it was too early (mommy does not have patience).  Your dad was watching a show on planes when I handed him the test.  He asked if it is was for real and I said yes.  We both started crying and touched my belly.  We are both so happy to have you with us.

We went to your Grandpa Ukki's house this weekend to meet your cousin Kyle.  We had to keep you a secret, which was very hard.  I had to pretend to drink alcohol and sauna, 2 things that are very popular on your father's side.  I kept looking at Kyle and imagining what it will be like to have you there, too.  I can't wait to meet you, but for right now I am content to have you inside my belly where I know you are safe.  I'm so happy I get to carry you around for 9 months and nurse you to life.

When we got home tonight I took one more test to make sure you weren't a dream.  The test was still positive and I couldn't have been happier.  

The world has changed so much in the last 5 days.  I can't wait to meet you on your birthday.


Your mommy

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Honeymoon {November 2008}

{This post is a little late.  Our anniversary was November 15th but I spent the day in bed with a cold.  I've been a little under the weather (I think it's called morning sickness) but I'm feeling much better!}

Most people reading this already know that we got married in Jamaica.  Actually, if you're reading this you probably attending the wedding.  Your wedding day is one of those days that stays with you for a long time.  And I hope by remembering the little moments each year, I won't forget.  But this post is about our honeymoon in Jamaica.

We decided to honeymoon in Negril at a little place called Rock House.  We had a secluded room with a private deck and outdoor bathroom. Our room had no tv or internet.  It was just the two of us and the sound of the sea below.  The weather was terrible.  Their was a tropical system sitting right on top of the island that came the evening we checked in and didn't leave until we were back in the States.  Our resort was known for snorkeling, with private ladders leading from our balcony right to the sea.  But we didn't touch the water the entire time we were there.  The water was too rough and the ladders were taken up.  We couldn't even swim in the pool b/c it was so close to the ocean and the waves were knocking into the pool.  But it was still perfect in every way.
We spent our days just the two of us lounging on the deck reading, sleeping, and eating.  You hardly saw another person because the resort only has 34 rooms.  It was the perfect way to honeymoon.  When we did want to be around people we went to the outdoor lounge area where their were board games, a bar, and internet.  Or, we explored Negril and it's colorful people.  The food was amazing...

As were the sunsets and vistas...
But the very best thing about our honeymoon was 10 days alone with my best friend.

Thank you for an amazing honeymoon in paradise and two perfect years of marriage.  I will cherish the memories we have created for as long as I live.

You have given me the greatest gift on earth and I can't wait to go on our next adventure together... parenthood!