Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feeling Gray

A peak inside of my neurosis, and why our house will never be "done"

It started a few weeks ago in class. We had a 10 minute break. I used 3 minutes of that break to use the bathroom and text Markus. The rest of the time I spent online looking at what I always look at when I'm bored, design blogs. I went to DS* and stumbled across this post and the gray/cream combination in this picture really caught my attention.

Oooh, aaaah, gray and cream!
And I thought to myself: "self, those colors sure would look nice with the orange clementine rug in your dining room". By that point the break was over and I had to pretend to be interested in IT management and Porters Five Forces. But all I could think about was turning my dining room into a gray/cream/clementine oasis.

So when I got home I googled "gray and orange design" into my iPhone. I found all kinds of inspiration. And before I knew it I had my Benjamin Moore paint fan out and was rummang though fabric samples I have collected over the years. I came up with this inspiration board and have been drooling over it ever since.
I also decided that I MUST. HAVE. picture frame wainscoting and crown molding added to the dining room.

So the next day I tell Markus "I think we should paint the dining room gray, add some molding, and install a new light fixture". And he asks if this is because of the orange rug. No, this is because I'm neurotic, and on a break in class I found a picture. Duh!

This is what keeps me up at night. I do not try to solve world hunger or end poverty but rather wonder what colors work best with my clementine rug and what fabric would be best for drapes. This is normal, right?


  1. great colors, I'm a huge fan of gray, just never thought of using in a home - what a cool idea.