Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On The Mend

If I have been out of touch with some of you the last week, I apologize. I feel like I have fallen down some sort of rabbit hole and I'm trying to move towards the light. The last week has been a challenge. I was sick and in bed for 3 days, pretty much by myself. Then went to work for 1 day before taking off more time to take care of Markus. He had surgery yesterday to remove a cyst on his backside. He went to the doctor appointments before the surgery alone so I was only given a little information beforehand. What I thought would be a very simple procedure that would not last more than a few days has turned into something a bit more complicated. I knew something was up when the doctor came out after surgery to give me the blow by blow and asked "if I worked outside the home" and had I "taken some time off". I only planned to be out yesterday for the actual surgery but after the good pain meds wore off last night, I realized we were in a little deeper than originally planned.

It's so hard to watch someone you love in pain and there isn't much you can do. And in my opinion everything always seems worse at night. The pain meds they prescribed were not helping at all. Markus would barely fall asleep before waking up again moaning in pain. So finally around 6 a.m., after consulting with a friend of the family who is a nurse, we upped his dosage. It seems to be helping. Unless he needs to move, get up to use the bathroom, or change positions. He cannot put any pressure on his back so positions are limited. We go back to the doctor tomorrow to see how it's healing and so they can teach me how to dress the wound. I guess that's when the real fun begins! Google is not your friend when you have a not so pretty medical procedure and a morbid curiosity. We googled his cyst today and I almost tossed my breakfast. Let's hope my love for Markus overrides my weak stomach.

I would not want to leave you with that as your final image for this post. So I will show you some pictures we have gotten over the last week. Being sick has at least one benefit; time with your family. Here are some photos we have captured the last week. It pretty much sums up what we have been doing.

I made one of Markus' favorite dinners tonight. Lindsay and Carlos came to visit and brought his favorite dessert. AND his favorite team is playing game 1 of the World Series*. So I would say things are looking up around here :o)
*Update: So the whole "team playing in the World Series" didn't exactly turn out like I had hoped. But there is always tonight! Go Yankees :o)

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  1. the game didn't help things did it?? I know what you mean, my dad had back surgery yesterday and thinks he can go run a marathon today..hope you have a better patient on your hands than we do! Let me know if you need anything, really...we are around all weekend! That picture of all your men is to die for (even though markus probably felt like he actually was :(
    Feel better, markus!