Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sala B: The early years

I was surprised this weekend by my aunt, who was visiting from North Carolina, with photos of me as a child. I don't have any memories of my early years, I can only remember bits and pieces. And those are probably from stories I have heard and not from my own memory. For example, I have no recollection of the family trip we took to San Francisco when I was 3 but I have the faint memory of my aunt's house and riding a cable car. Here is the proof:

Riding the cable car in San Francisco with Dad. Circa 1982

Me, Grandmama Chenault, and Dad

I also don't have any memories of my parents together and have seen very few family photos of us as a threesome. I love this photo. My mom as a young mother and my dad is so handsome.

Outside Auntie Viv's house, San Francisco 1982

My Step mom remembers this photo being taken, she says I was leaning in to tell Grandmama Chenault a secret. I was probably four or five.

And this last one is a classic Sarah picture. I was visiting the same aunt who lived in San Francisco at her home in Asheville, NC. I'm wearing her clothes and jewelry (the glasses were unfortunately mine) and probably bossing her around to do something for me. That is her dog, Calliope in the background. I remember this trip vividly. I was plotting the entire visit on how I could stay longer. Auntie Viv's house was so much fun to visit.

Auntie Viv's house 1986

The name of my blog is another nostalgia left over from my childhood. It was a nickname given to me by my dad. Sala being my first name, Sarah, and my middle name, Lisette, combined into one. I was way ahead of the combining names trend in Hollywood! B stands for bird which is what my dad, brother, and sister still call me. He starting calling me bird because I would pucker my lips like one when I was hungry.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful memories Sala -- lubba u - Mama