Friday, October 9, 2009

Follow Friday: The Macs

Meet The Macs, your normal, young married couple just starting a family of their own. I have wanted to blog about Jess and Joel for a long time now. I have been reading their blog for over a year and feel like they are real friends. Some of you may have heard me talk about their daughter, Cora, and her very short, sweet life here on earth.

Jess is a mom who started a blog when she gave birth to chronicle her growing family and keep loved ones in the loop. Just like many of us. Except Jess's baby was diagnosed with cancer at 11 months old and died just 17 days later. And now Jess shares with all of her followers her pain and sorrow of losing a child, and how her and her husband are trying to pick up the pieces and be a normal family again.

A lot of the time Jess, understandably, wonders why this happened to her sweet Cora and questions God's purpose for taking their daughter away from them at such a young age. I can't imagine the grief that they have felt the last seven months and the void they will feel for the rest of their lives. But I am very thankful that Jess has shared her story with her readers. It is a reminder to everyone out there that life is short and precious and should not be taken for granted for one second.

Whenever I am having a rough day I think about Jess and all that she has overcome, and will overcome in her life, and I'm reminded that life is a gift. Her and her husband have a strong bond and an even stronger faith that is helping them through this.

On a happier note, Jess and Joel are expecting again! Baby Mac is due in December and I can't wait to follow their journey with this new bundle of joy. And I am so happy that Jess gets to go back to what God intended her to be, A stay-at-home-mom.

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