Friday, June 19, 2009

Week End

I was going to blog about how excited I was to have my husband home for an entire weekend but plans changed and he is stuck at work until tomorrow evening. So I have to readjust the view I had in my mind and be glad that I get to spend an entire Sunday with him. Wooohoooo!!!

It's been a busy week around the H house. My cousin and her boyfriend are up from Florida staying with us until they can find an apartment of their own. Rachel just graduated high school and thought moving to the fan would be a fun change from the sun/sand/beach thing she had going on in Florida. Obviously, the kid hasn't experienced a winter in Richmond in awhile. It's been fun having them around though, and coming home to someone other than the dogs. Rachel and I have always been more like sisters than cousins which is exactly the relationship I have with her mom. We are even separated by 12 years, just like Teri and I.

My grandmother has been in the hospital with pneumonia since Sunday. So I have been taking my lunch and visiting her at the hospital. Each day she looks stronger and able. She is getting released today to at outpatient rehabilitation center to help build her strength. As far as the cancer goes, it's still there but not progressing. So the main focus right now is treating the pneumonia and getting her strength built up. It's going to be a huge adjustment for her but I think it was God's way of telling her she was doing too much.

The Morales twins are trying to make an early escape from Lindsay's comfy uterus. Lindsay prematurely went into labor yesterday morning and is at the same hospital my grandmother is in. The doctors are giving her medicine to stop the labor and so far it is working. She is still having contractions but not progressing so say a prayer they stay in the oven a little while longer. I visited with her today and when I walked in Lindsay was reading a magazine and Carlos was in the recliner with his laptop. If she wasn't hooked up to an IV and heart monitoring machine, I would have thought they were on vacation. I took a picture but I doubt Lindsay wants it on the Internet, sorry folks. No pictures this blog. Boooooring!

Other than that, it's been a normal work week. Oh yeah, I did get to attend a fundraiser for our mayor Wednesday night. It was a who's who of local politicians and high ranking city officials. Not really my cup of tea but the food was really good and it was open bar!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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