Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last weekend Markus and I threw a baby shower for the Morales at our house. Lindsay and Carlos are expecting twin boys in July and we wanted to do something special for them before all the craziness of being new parents begins. What could be more special than throwing a shower in their honor and inviting their friends with children for practice??? You should have seen our house, there was almost as many children as adults. At one point I looked around and thought, so this is what parties will be like from now on. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun to have the little ones around, I just never imagined having that many in that house. I usually relate more to the kids table than the adults table but something has switched in the last year. Maybe it's that I'm married now. Oh yeah, that must be it. Nothing to make you feel grown up than the responsibilities of being a wife and husband. But back to the party....

Lindsay looked gorgeous in her fuchsia dress. She had that pregnancy glow. I wish I had a picture to show but I was a bad host and forgot to take pictures. Carlos was drawn to the kids, especially the babies, and they were drawn to him as well. He is going to be a great father, it just looks effortless with him. I can't wait to meet Phillip Gabriel and Carlos Oliver in July. They are already loved by so many and are blessed to have such a wonderful family anticipating their arrival.

This past weekend I attended a bachelorette party on the Chesapeake Bay celebrating the final days of Misty being Ms. Morton. Misty's maid of honor has a house down on the bay and was nice enough to have Misty and 14 of her closest friends down for the weekend.

It was the perfect bachelorette party. Lots of girls, a pool, food and booze, and the perfect host to show us a good time. I won't go into every detail but judging from the way Misty felt Sunday, I think she had a good time. I know I did!

One other thing to add to the celebrations, my cousin Rachel graduated high school on May 30th! I wasn't able to attend but nonetheless, I'm so proud of her. Congratulations, Rachel!!!

Bre & Rachel - class of 2009

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