Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Puppy Love

We've had a four legged friend visiting for the past week and Charlie was hit hard with the love bug. Our friends were out of town for two weeks so we decided to spring Gracie from the kennel a week early so she could spend some time with Charlie. She was pretty happy to get out of there and into our back yard.
I wasn't sure how it was going to work out since we already had two at home. One being Meeko who isn't keen on new visitors of any kind, much less the four legged variety. But it worked out great. Gracie was able to keep Charlie entertained which meant Meeko got a vacation from his big brother.

Grace and Charles became fast friends and were inseparable. Charlie followed her everywhere. Even out the back gate when Markus was taking out the trash. Lucky for us, Markus was quick on his feet and was able to apprehend both doggies.
Gracie went home yesterday and Charlie has been lost. He wants to know when his furry friend is coming back.

I even tried giving him extra attention last night by letting him on the couch with us. But he opted to pout lie on the floor.
Poor Charles. We promise Gracie can come back for a visit anytime.


  1. Aw. Gracie is mopey right now. She is laying by the door just staring out. Let's make a play date this weekend!

  2. So sweet! We have two dogs and they love playdates.