Monday, July 20, 2009

Follow Friday: Hooked on Houses

I was too busy to post this on Friday so technically it is Follow Monday but then I wouldn't be able to do Music Monday (and I really want to do Music Monday!) Hooked on Houses is a blog I check on when I'm in my creative mode and looking for inspiration around my own home. I especially love Movie Monday where she features interior and exterior shots from television or movie sets. I always pay attention to what's going on behind the acting and Hollywood can come up with some really great houses. Julia over at HOH has compiled a great collection of these homes. Some of my favorites are the houses from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Father of the Bride (this was my idea of a perfect home growing up), The Family Stone, Brothers & Sisters, and my all time favorite; the beach house from Something's Gotta Give. Love the kitchen with the HUGE island and check out the stove!

Julia has also compiled photos of celebrity homes. Kind of cool to see how the other half lives!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm glad you enjoy the Movie Monday posts. They're a ton of work, but I really love putting them together! :-)

  2. Wow. That kitchen is pure heaven. If only!