Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer 2010 {Part 1}

A baby was born, Ella Josephine Fowlkes.
Markus is a natural with babies. Can't you tell from his posture in this picture? He also shaved his head without telling me. I wasn't a fan but it grew back quickly :)
We did some yard work to get ready for summer. I forgot how green our grass can be. Oh, and check out the fence. Markus pressure washed it, and everything else that he could get his hands on. And I finally convinced Markus to re-stain our deck. It was reddish brown and I HATED it. Now it's a beautiful green and I LOVE it. It's such a beautiful color. I wish I could paint the house green!

We threw a party on Memorial Day. The adults played ladder golf
Girls vs. Boys
And the kids had fun with the water toys
Christian, Weber, Capri - Age 2
The Morales twins were also there. Look at those eyelashes!
There was a day in July where we didn't think we would see this guy again. Charlie got out of the back yard and spent the night in puppy jail. This was the photo we used for his missing poster. It makes me really happy to look at this photo, now that he is back home.
We got out on the golf course once. Markus has such a better swing than me. I'm just worried about hitting the ball. I don't really care where it goes as long as it's up.

We went to see the Flying Squirrels game for Father's Day. That's the name of our new baseball team. Their motto is "have fun, go nutz".

Weber is telling Markus "Dude, this is my Sasa, Step off".
But that's okay because his sister stole my man later in the game. Twin power.
Whew, I'll have to finish this up tomorrow, it's almost my bedtime. I took more photos than I thought and I'm only in July. Stay tuned for part duex...

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