Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A girl can dream

Now that Markus is based in San Francisco and reality is setting in that we may be moving to the city by the bay, my new obsession is to look at craigslist apartment ads in our favorite neighborhoods.  Most in our price range are studio and 1 bedrooms.  Which, after owning our 3 bedroom  home for the last 3 years, can be a little depressing.  We will think of it as the "living bohemian" chapter in our marriage.  It will be quaint and kitchy.  I envision myself scouring flea markets and buying local produce from the farmers' market on the weekends.  And, on the upside, I will have no problem decorating an apartment that small!

But after laying my eyes on this listing over at Hooked on Houses, I'm not sure I can downsize.  I'm thinking we need to start playing the lotto!
The size is a little garish for my taste.  I don't think we need our own basketball court or au pair suite. Our children can play basketball at the Y and our au pair can stay in one of the 7 bedrooms ;)  But I will take that kitchen, the views, and the fabulous decor and attention to detail.  The molding alone makes my heart skip a beat.  Not to mention the panoramic view of San Francisco from almost anywhere in the house.

More photos can be found on the properties web site.

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