Friday, September 25, 2009

Follow Friday: Design Sponge

Sometimes I have so many design ideas for our home in my head that I feel like it will explode. I'm constantly walking around the house thinking of ways I can improve. And there are web sites that specifically fuel this creative drive. I should probably stop looking at them until I can tackle all 837 current projects I have started. But I can't help myself, I'm a design cutter.

Design*Sponge is by far one of my favorite sites to check out. I especially love the before & after and DIY sections. D*S is to the blogosphere what Martha Stewart is for YSA (Yuppie Suburban America).

Here are some things I have been lusting after lately. They make my heart happy!

What are your favorite design blogs, just in case the 487 I read aren't cutting it?

*All photos are from Design Sponge

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