Friday, July 23, 2010

Seems like a no brainer

You can get with this:
Or you can get with that:

I think I'll get with this 'cause this is where it's at.

Easier said than done.

I had no idea when we visited San Francisco last August that we would be back so soon. Nor in my wildest dreams did I think we may be moving to the city by the bay so soon. It was fun to walk around the neighborhoods and dream about "what if" but now it may be our reality and that is blowing. my. mind.

I'm going out to SF in a few weeks to scout out the neighborhoods, see what we like, and see where we can afford (If Markus makes 1 more Oakland comment I might punch him in the face). I have a feeling we will like much more than we can afford. But that's okay because I think I will fall in love with the city and spend most of my time exploring.

I'm really looking forward to this trip. There will be no visiting tourist attractions or running around trying to squeeze it all in. I plan on just hanging out and living as if we were residents of the city. I hope that's the way it's going to go, anyway. And I'm also hoping to escape the heat. It will be nice to be outdoors and not feel like you are in a sauna.

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