Sunday, August 9, 2009

Puppy Love: Part Duex

Gracie came back for a visit this weekend so her family could take a trip to the Big Apple for a family wedding. We were all excited to have her company but not as much as Charlie. And by all, I mean everyone except Meeko. He is never happy to have another dog in his house.

Charlie and Gracie have been playing All. Weekend. Long! Then, they come inside and pass out. It's great! Meeko gets a break from big brother and I get a break from having to figure out ways to tire Charlie out. I have been taking him on morning runs the last week and when we get back he looks at me like, what's next? So the break in routine has been nice.

Here is a video I shot this morning of the two love birds. Meeko jumps into the frame every once in awhile and it almost looks like he is barking at Gracie to leave Charlie alone. Brotherly love perhaps, or maybe jealousy?

Tonight I put both dogs in the kitchen and when I came back to put them to bed I found this:
Gracie eventually got tired of Charlie in her crate so she came out and laid in his bed.  Charlie, meanwhile proceeded to make himself comfy.  When I t0ld him to get in his crate, he got this look on his face like "who me? I'm just going to bed like you told me."

Good thing he is cute!

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