Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When we left for vacation just over a week ago it was barely spring. The trees were just starting to get their buds, the bulbs were the only thing coming up, and the Azaleas still hadn't turned their vibrate pinks and white. When I came back everything was in full bloom and it was 90 degrees! Spring literally happened in one week. I'm hoping the hot, sticky weather is temporary and spring comes back. I would hate to miss a whole season!

In preparation for spring I went to the greenhouse the Sunday before our trip and bought all kinds of things to plant in our yard. But I didn't have a chance to get anything in the ground because it was too cold. The night after I bought all my flowers it dipped in the 30's then rained for 3 days straight! So off I went to California with no garden. Here is how everything looked before we left for vacation:
I came back and was amazed at the transformation to our yard. Meme and mom were hard at work while we were lounging in the sun! They planted flowers, watered and cut the lawn, and even put a brick walkway down. Granddaddy also helped by fixing our porch light that has not worked since we bought the house. Here is a sneak peek of the transformation. All this stuff should fill in and get really bushy and tall. I can't wait!

Mom put the flamingo in the garden as a joke but I think he is a keeper! One won't hurt ;)

See the baby grass? It makes me so happy!

And my planters are starting to spill over with gorgeous colors!

I can't wait until our next trip to see what kind of things happen while we are away! Thanks, guys!

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