Thursday, November 12, 2009


As usual a little late. But better late than never. I have been experiencing technical difficulties with our Flickr account so it took a few tries to get the pics for this post updated.

Sooo...Halloween. One of my favorite holidays. I've never thrown a Halloween party so I thought this year would be a good time to start with all the kiddies in our life. Just about every one of my friends has a kid and what is cuter than kids dressed up on Halloween? Nothing!

Cute Yoda I am
Cute Yoda, I am
Suzi offered to help host the party since her house is kid friendly. And, they had an awesome swing set installed just days before the party. And, Suzi ended up doing most of the leg work because I had a paper due and Markus' surgery days before. She planned a great menu and all kinds of fun games for the kids to play. It worked out really well, for me at least. Thanks, Suzi!!! ;)

The party itself was a lot of fun but seeing all the kids in their costumes was great. We had 16 kids and 28 adults. And lots and lots of cute costumes! (can you guess why Halloween is my favorite holiday?)

Princess Brynn Princess Brynn
The real Spider Man The "real" Spider Man
Baby Emma Emma the Black Cat

And the only best family costume at the party, the Fatigantes from the 50's.


I had so much fun at the party that I wore myself out and didn't go out for the grown-up version of Halloween. Oh well, maybe next year!

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